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Based on 114 reviews
Love it!

Love the concept of this pillow! Works awesome for my needs! Tried a lot of pillows and so far this one is my favorite. Love can adjust it to your own comfort by taking the pods in and out. Fits my needs and love the material too!

Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Justin Brinkerhoff
Incredible pillow

I’ve tried a lot of pillows and spent lots on them. This by far has been my favorite one! Sleep so comfortable, especially with wide shoulders. Very supportive, yet comfortable! Have gotten several more for my family!

Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Robert Montgomery
Great Pillow

We love our Twilla adjustable pillows!

Thanks for sharing, Robert! We appreciate your support!

Miracles Happen!

I have loved Twilla's pillow from their start up and tell everyone I know how awesome they are! Last night, I got the opportunity to introduce the pillow to my husband... I've been smiling all morning thinking about it! My husband has struggled with sleep the entire time we've known each other, mostly because of his pillow. He has broad shoulders and is also a side sleeper, which makes it very hard for him to get a good night's sleep. It was so much fun to show him all of his options and watch him "play around" with the pillow because I knew this was going to be what he's been looking for. Fast forward... HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT! THE MAN SLEPT ALL NIGHT!! Thanks Twilla for making the most comfortable pillow I've ever laid my head on and giving my husband his first good night's sleep. Congratulations!

This is wonderful, Jamie! So glad your husband is sleeping better! Thank you for sharing your experience!

Best Pillow

Phenomenal pillow. Love how easy it is to adjust. I recommend this to all of my patients.

Thank you, Jared! We really appreciate your support!

Review of pillow

I like the pillow. Still adjusting to it. I have 2 more pods to insert. How many pods in a bag with a king? 12? I don’t recall inserting 10 pods. Do the pods break down in time? Overall, it’s comfortable and no complaints

Thanks for the review, Terri! The king pillow comes with 8 Pods already inside the pillow, plus a bag of extra for total of 12. There's no specific number for how many Pods to use - whatever is comfortable for you. The Pods are made from a durable, high-density cooling foam and are cut in a way as to not break down easily. We have tested them extensively and they will last a long time. Let us know if you ever have any trouble! Thank you!

Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Barbara Badolati
Twilla - my tried and true traveling companion

Fortunately, I’ve been using the Twilla Pillow since I started my cross country Sleep ~ Play ~ Hugs book tour back in July.
Over the course of four months, I’ve slept in 27 different beds. Although the mattresses, bedding and environments have covered a wide range (and much out of my control), the one constant has been the adjustable Twilla pillow.
I'm SO grateful and glad this type of pillow FINALLY came into the marketplace.
Now that I'm in my own home and bed, the Twilla Pillow continues to be my customizable pillow. I love it!
Hope you enjoy your Twilla pillow, made just for you. YouTube video placeholder

Thank you, Barbara! That's an amazing trip you went on and so glad that the pillow was there for you during the whole journey!

Extra Pods was the ticket!

I'm a bit more stout than others, and found that the Twilla Pilla was not quite enough for supporting my neck correctly when side-sleeping. Being able to get the extra pods was just what I needed. Adding 5 pods provided the needed support. Would highly recommend getting the extra pods if you don't feel that the number shipped with the pillow are enough.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Trent. And don't hesitate to reach out directly if you ever need more pods.

Absolutely love these pillows. Very comfortable

Wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing!

Love, love, love these pillows!

LOVE these pillows! I bought these for my up north house this summer and immediately knew I had found the right pillow. When I returned to my Florida home this fall , I had to have them here too. I use them as delivered. I personally didn’t need or try the extra pods that came with the pillows. Ahhhhh! when I lay my head on these pillows.

Thanks Lynn! Glad they made it back to Florida with you. Once you get used to them, it's hard to live without!

Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Marianne Hamilton

I have Essential Tremors so sleeping has been very difficult because my head shakes all the time. The Twilla pillow has been great!! I've slept really well lately!


Thanks for sharing, Doug! This makes us so happy to hear.

Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Joanie Nicholas

Love this pillow! I have terrible neck arthritis and have trouble finding a good pillow that provides the right amount of support while I sleep. This Twilla pillow is fantastic! I am sleeping better than I have in years!

Wonderful to hear, Joanie! Thanks for sharing and glad you're sleeping better!

Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Frances Patterson
We like the pillow. So comfy.

Package sturdy. Top quality. Cody pillow.

That's great to hear, Frances! Thank you for your review.


I liked the pillows I ordered I really wished they came with more Pods, I have very wide shoulders and being disabled makes adjustments difficult.

Thank you for the feedback! Look for an email from us soon and we'll make sure your pillow is just right.

Great idea, needs more adjustment possibilities

We love the idea of the adjustable pillow. It is soft and comfortable but even with no pods added it is too high for our necks. It forces our heads forward. I would love if one of the permanent sides also was removable.

Hi Denise! Thank you so much for the feedback and good news - our pillow can be adjusted to exactly the way you described. We've had a handful of people in a similar situation as yourself, and we look forward to helping you out further. Look for an email from us soon!

Pillow Review

The casing is wonderful however you can feel every pod you put in. You have to adjust your head so you don't feel the outline of it.

Hello! So sorry to hear about this issue. We'd love to hear more and make sure everything is setup correctly. Look for an email from or please reach out directly. Thank you!

Best Pillow Ever

I’m a side/stomach sleeper who oftentimes likes to wrap myself around my pillow making finding the right pillow for me difficult. Twilla checked all the boxes and I’m getting ready to buy a second one. Highly recommended

Thanks for sharing, Jean! We know how difficult it can be!

Best Pillows

This is our third Twilla. My husband got this for me instead of a traditional pregnancy pillow. I love that I can adjust it to where I need more or less support.

So glad the body pillow is working for you! Thank you for sharing!

Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Raimundo Menezes
I can’t get out of my bed. Arrrgghh!!!!!

When I got my Twilla pillow, I unloaded almost the entire bag of pods into it, but the pillow became stiff and I could not sleep. The next day, I took six pods out, did some adjustments, and now I’m late to work everyday and it’s all Twilla’s fault.
The best pillow I’ve ever had.

Thanks for sharing, Raimundo! This is great to hear how you were able to adjust the pillow to work for you. And we accept full responsibility for making you late to work! Ha.

I have endlessly looked for the right pillow for sleeping.

I have endlessly looked for the right pillow for sleeping. I have arthritis and it is hard to find both support and a feeling of gentleness and softness in any pillow. With Twilla, I find both. So far I just love my Twilla pillow. It was so funny how I discovered it. An ad popped up on my computer..don’t even remember which site it was connected to. But, I decided to purchase and try it. It was delivered immediately to me and I am here to tell you that everyone should at least try a Twilla pillow. Thanks for developing this pillow.

Thanks Connie! Thank you for sharing your experience, glad it has worked out for you!

Great Pillow!

I have loved my Twilla pillow!!! Because I can adjust the density and position of the filling, I have found just the right pillow for me!

Thanks Holly! We really appreciate you sharing your review!

Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Andrew Donaldson
Best pilla's we've owned!

We absolutely love our Twilla pillows, they've struck a great balance between soft and firm due to their customizability, plus we've been able to shape them exactly how we want, they've stayed cool and comfy and we've been so satisfied with them!

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Andrew!

Best Pillow ever!

My wife and I recently purchased Twilla pillows after hearing about them from another happy customer. We were impressed with this product from the moment we opened the boxes and could see the excellent quality of materials and workmanship. The real test however was the experience of sleeping on this pillow. I found it immediately comfortable with no addition or deletion of additonal pods. It was definitely a "Goldilocks" experience for me with a "just right" feel of the the right amount of "give" and "support". My wife loved it too, but took a few pods out and tested it until it was just right for her as well. I am truly not one who passes out superlative comments easily, but seriously, these are the best pillows we've ever owned.

Thank you for the high praise, Chauncey! We're so glad the pillows are working well for both of you.

Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Michael Mansfield
Great Pillow Design.

I could never find the perfect pillow that fit my head and didn’t cause neck, until now.

Thanks Michael, this is great to hear!

Amazing pillow and customer service!

Finally I now have a great night's sleep thanks to Twilla Team! SO so grateful, thankyou!

Thank you for sharing!