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Based on 153 reviews
Great pillow

It really did take my wife neck and back pain away would highly recommend and I also was recommended this by a friend it worked for her

Love the pillow

Best Pillow I've Ever Tried

This is literally the best pillow I've ever used. I've had the best sleep of my life every night since I got it.

Twilla Adjustable Pillow

love it, my neck pain is all but gone - I am ordering another set

Absolutely wonderful!

WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE. The only pillow Ive had as a super active sleeper (stomach back side rolling) where I have zero neck pain! Love it these first 2 wks & hopefully itll continue to be a miracle for years lol

Great pillows

We have slept on our new Twilla pillows for about a month now. Not too hard or too poofy. We really love them! I don’t have the stiff neck that I used to wake up with. Thank you!

Twilla Adjustable Pillow

I am sleeping much better now.

I love this thing

I have gone through SO MANY PILLOWS and this has by far been the best one since I can adjust it any way I need with the removable pods.

Very soft, but not cool

I was excited about your pillow. It was very comfortable and soft, but it did not stay cool at night, which was one of the features I was very interested in.

Works great

helps to have no more neck pain


So far so good.

Love this pillow! I am sleeping so much better since I started using it! No more pinched nerves in my neck!

Not perfect

I have used a down pillow and was ready for a change. The new pillow is not perfect but I will use it.

I'm still trying to get used to the pillow. I am a side sleeper and have not quite figured it out yet.

Twilla Adjustable Pillow

I will buy more of these

I bought 2 queen pillows not knowing anything. These are the best pillows! And they stay cool. Highly recommended 👌

I have found my favorite pillow

Thank you Twilla, I love being able to adjust my new pillow.

Waste of Money

Very disappointed with this pillow. I had hoped for a pillow that would improve my sleep, but it isn’t even in the top half of the pillows I have owned. I won’t waste my money on Twilla pillows again.

Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Shannon Jenkins
Great pillow!

My favorite pillow! I’ve tried a lot of different pillows and this one is the best by far.

great pillows

It took us a while to open our pillow package and actually try them. We were very pleased with the result. My husband likes his pillows fairly flat, so he took out the bags. I kept mine as packaged. The pillow is very soft and adjustable. We are both happy. We would highly recommend.

Twilla Adjustable Body Pillow

I finally have a pillow that works for me

5 Star Pillow!

I have slept great since using this pillow. It is the most comfortable pillow I've owned and it keeps its shape night after night. I gradually took pods out until I found the perfect amount. Highly recommend!

The perfect pillow

My quest to find the perfect pillow was a long one and expensive. Twilla is the perfect pillow. I am a back, side, and stomach sleeper. This pillow is amazing.

Love my new pillow!

Love that I am able to customize

Not sure

It took a few days to get acustomed to the pillow & I felt my sleep was the most comfortable in a while. However, I was expecting better? I was hoping to be able to sleep more comfortably without squishing my face on my pillow. I guess I need to experiment more to find the right thing for me. Also, I was disappointed when I saw the fabric was not what the website said it was. The website claimed it is made of Tencel™ Fabric, however, the tag on the pillow says polyester & ONLY 10% Tencel.

Thank you for your feedback. We hope that you will keep experimenting to get the pillow just right for you. Regarding the fabric, the pillow exterior is 100% Tencel. The percentages are based on weight and with our adjustment system, we have a lot of fabric within the pillow interior. We use stretch fabrics, within the pillow interior, to allow the pod system to be pliable. Thank you again for your feedback, we will make these details clearer on the website.