Twilla - THE BEST PILLOW FOR NECK PAIN - Everyday Health

Twilla - THE BEST PILLOW FOR NECK PAIN - Everyday Health

If you suffer from neck pain, the Twilla Adjustable Pillow may be able to help (as much as a pillow can without being a medical professional). This pillow has a customizable feel thanks to the removable pods, which allow the user to add extra support exactly where they need it.

“The Twilla Pillow's standout feature is its customizable comfort,” the reviewer Kenyon Tueller explains. “With the inclusion of pod inserts, this pillow allows you to tailor the level of support and firmness to your specific needs. This feature proved to be invaluable for my shoulder condition. By adjusting the pod inserts, I could create a personalized cushioning effect that alleviates pressure on my AC joint and rotator cuff, resulting in reduced pain and discomfort throughout the night.”

“Love this pillow! I have terrible neck arthritis and have trouble finding a good pillow that provides the right amount of support while I sleep,” reviewer Joanie Nicholas says. “This Twilla pillow is fantastic! I am sleeping better than I have in years.”

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