We are brothers with a passion for creating great products. We come from a family of artists and like to spend our time designing, mountain biking, skiing, and climbing. During college we both found Industrial Design, with the dream of gaining the tools and skills to invent amazing new things and bring them to the world.

We spent a combined 30+ years designing products for great brands including YETI, Lenovo, crankbrothers, Black Diamond, fi’zi:k, Weber, and Salsa Cycles. While it was a lot of fun designing for other people, there was a latent desire to start our own company. It was time to design things that were completely our own.

Peter & Mark


We are driven by a curiosity to make things better. No matter what the problem is, there is always a way to improve.

We love to debate, analyze and labor over every aspect of the problem and potential solutions. We thrive on the uncertainty, excitement and risk of not knowing where a project will take us.

We create a ridiculous number of prototypes until we get something that we think is wonderful. We aren’t interested in just making more stuff to put out into the world, we are interested in making things that are actually better.


We started Twilla for a very simple reason: we couldn’t find a pillow that we liked, so we created a pillow to empower customers by being able to customize it.

Twilla means “woven with a double thread,” which points to the level of detail and quality that we put into everything we do.