Yes! Machine wash cold and tumble dry low. It works best to remove the Pods from inside the Pillow.

No, our patented Pod-System will keep them where you want them to be and integrate with the filling in the outer layers.

It couldn’t be easier! Simply zip open the pillow, take Pods in or out, then fluff. You don’t even have to remove the pillowcase. Pods are the perfect unit of adjustment and neatly contain Cooling Foam, so there is never any mess to worry about.

The Pillow is vacuum sealed to keep it clean and minimize shipping impact. Place your Pillow in the dryer on Low for 15 min, or fluff manually.

Definitely not. Our Patented Pod-System is designed to seamlessly integrate the outer layers of the Pod-Pillow with the adjustable Pods. After any adjustment that you make, give your Pod-Pillow a quick fluff and let it do it’s magic.

These are the patented Pods that are allow you to adjust your pillow! Go ahead and zip open your pillow and you’ll find Pods already inside.

One of the best features of the Pillow is the ability to create a completely custom shape. Refer to our instruction page to learn more.

Try it out first, see how it feels. Your Pillow comes filled with a common number of Pods already inside. Extra adjustment Pods are also included if needed. As a general rule, side sleepers need a fuller pillow (more Pods) and back and stomach sleeps need a flatter pillow. Please refer to our instruction page for more information.

Nope! Try it out, see how it feels, it comes already filled with Pods and contains the most comfortable filling materials possible. We highly recommend trying out the adjustment process, having a pillow that fits you and your sleep style makes a huge difference.