Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Twilla Adjustable Pillow

Twilla Adjustable Pillow

For the BEST sleep of your life. Superior comfort, premium hybrid materials, and fully customizable. Add or remove pods to create the perfect size pillow that fits you & position pods to relieve neck pain.
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Pillow Size
1 or 2 Pack
QUEEN SIZE: In stock, ships 1-2 days. KING SIZE: LOW inventory - will not ship until Dec. 14th.
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  • Queen Size includes Pillow + 10 Adjustment Pods
  • King Size includes Pillow + 12 Adjustment Pods

FULLY ADJUSTABLE – Our patented Pod-System puts you in control and keeps messy filling materials contained. Simply add, remove, and position Pods for personalized comfort and support.

RELIEVE PAIN – Position Pods for specific neck support. Adjust the quantity of Pods to align your spine. Feel energized by getting deep, restorative sleep with a pillow that fits you properly. 

SUPPORT ANY SLEEPING POSITION – Adjust Pods to cradle your head and sleep comfortably through the night. Support multiple sleeping positions by adding extra Pods to one side of the Pillow for dual-level support! Plenty of Pods are included with your Pillow for a wide range of adjustments.

Light-Loft™ Filling: a premium down-alternative, with light airy-softness that breathes extremely well. Light-Loft™ is contained within the outer layers, providing an incredibly soft lay-down feel. Light-Loft™ filling is hypoallergenic and cruelty free.

Cooling Gel Foam™: an odorless, gel-polymer infused foam that draws heat away from the pillow surface, and is contained within the adjustment Pods. The foam perfectly complements Light-Loft™ filling with cushioned support.

Tencel™ Fabric: a natural, eco-friendly material that is antibacterial and helps you feel cool and dry as it wicks away moisture. Tencel is highly breathable, durable, and extremely comfortable.


The YKK zipper provides smooth, easy access to the interior.

DESIGNED & ASSEMBLED in the USA. Made from domestic and imported materials.

Outer-Pod-Pillow: Separate adjustment Pods from Outer Pillow, machine wash cold on gentle cycle, then tumble dry low until it is completely dry. 

Pods: Spot clean as needed. Machine wash if necessary on cold, gentle cycle, then tumble dry low. Note: Foam filling within Pods may retain some moisture, make sure they are completely dry before using.

We offer a 100-night trial period to make sure you have plenty of time to make your pillow just right for you.

If for any reason you would like to return your pillow, please contact us within the first 100 days of purchase. We will reply with a pre-paid return label.

Once we've received the pillow, we will issue a refund for the full amount.

Return form: CLICK HERE


Perfect for stomach sleepers. Try removing some Pods until your Pillow is the perfect size. You may want as little as 3-4 Pods remaining in your Pillow.

After any adjustment you make, give it a good fluff. This is an essential step that allows our Patented Pod-System to blend the filling layers and Pods together for a smooth sleeping surface.


Regardless of you have slept in the past, we recommend trying the "Cradle" shape. Sleeping on your back can be really good for you and your health. The "Cradle" shape acts as a sleep aid, by keeping your head supported so you can better sleep on your back through the night.

To create the "Cradle" shape, start by positioning 3-4 Pods on each side of the Pillow interior. After closing the zipper, fluff each side of the Pillow to allow the Pod-System to smooth out the filling materials.


This is the size your Pillow comes in (already filled with Pods), a common size for many people. Test it out as is, then make adjustments as needed, you may want to add or move a few Pods to fine tune your sleep.

After any adjustment you make, give it a good fluff. This is an essential step that allows our Patented Pod-System to blend the filling layers and Pods together for a smooth sleeping surface.


The "Roller" Shape is perfect for multiple sleeping positions. If you like to start sleeping on your back or stomach, then you roll to you side during the night, having multiple support levels will greatly improve your sleep.

Creating this shape is easy, simply push all (or most) of the Pods to one half of your Pillow. After closing the Pillow, give it a good fluff, and try it out to see how it feels. You may need to add or remove a few Pods to get the height of each side just right.


The optimal Pillow size depends on your body size and how broad your shoulders are. The goal is to make Pillow adjustments until your neck is in alignment with your spine. There are plenty of extra Pods included with every Pillow, add Pods as needed.

After any adjustment you make, give it a good fluff. This is an essential step that allows our Patented Pod-System to blend the filling layers and Pods together for a smooth sleeping surface.


Having extra neck support can work wonders in relieving pain and simply feeling more comfortable through the night.

For extra neck support simply add a few Pods to the bottom end of the Pillow interior that is closest to your neck. Add/Position as many Pods as you need to get the support that feels right to you. After each adjustment, fluff your Pillow to allow the Pod-System to integrate the adjustments.



Definitely not. Our Patented Pod-System is designed to seamlessly integrate the outer layers of the Pillow with the adjustable Pods. After any adjustment that you make, give your Pillow a quick fluff and let it do it’s magic.

These are the patented Pods that are allow you to adjust your pillow! Go ahead and zip open your pillow and you’ll find Pods already inside.

One of the best features of the Pillow is the ability to create a completely custom shape. Refer to our instruction page to learn more.

Try it out first, see how it feels. Your Pillow is comes filled with a common number of Pods already inside. Extra adjustment Pods are also included if needed. As a general rule, side sleepers need a fuller pillow (more Pods) and back and stomach sleeps need a flatter pillow. Please refer to our instruction page for more information. 



With over 30 years of combined experience in the product design industry, we came together to design our own pillow because we couldn’t find one that we liked...

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Love it!

Love the concept of this pillow! Works awesome for my needs! Tried a lot of pillows and so far this one is my favorite. Love can adjust it to your own comfort by taking the pods in and out. Fits my needs and love the material too!

Justin Brinkerhoff
Incredible pillow

I’ve tried a lot of pillows and spent lots on them. This by far has been my favorite one! Sleep so comfortable, especially with wide shoulders. Very supportive, yet comfortable! Have gotten several more for my family!

Robert Montgomery
Great Pillow

We love our Twilla adjustable pillows!

Thanks for sharing, Robert! We appreciate your support!

Jamie Ashby
Miracles Happen!

I have loved Twilla's pillow from their start up and tell everyone I know how awesome they are! Last night, I got the opportunity to introduce the pillow to my husband... I've been smiling all morning thinking about it! My husband has struggled with sleep the entire time we've known each other, mostly because of his pillow. He has broad shoulders and is also a side sleeper, which makes it very hard for him to get a good night's sleep. It was so much fun to show him all of his options and watch him "play around" with the pillow because I knew this was going to be what he's been looking for. Fast forward... HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT! THE MAN SLEPT ALL NIGHT!! Thanks Twilla for making the most comfortable pillow I've ever laid my head on and giving my husband his first good night's sleep. Congratulations!

This is wonderful, Jamie! So glad your husband is sleeping better! Thank you for sharing your experience!

Jared Croskey
Best Pillow

Phenomenal pillow. Love how easy it is to adjust. I recommend this to all of my patients.

Thank you, Jared! We really appreciate your support!